August 10, 2012

6 Steps to Turn a Wish into Reality

By Patrick Mahan
In order to turn your wishes into reality, it's important to understand the evolution of a wish.
Step 1 = WISH 
Everything begins with a wish. A thought enters your head such as, “I wish I had a new house.” A wish is an important first step, but a wish is weak.
Step 2 = DESIRE
A wish must evolve into a desire. The stronger the desire, the more likely you are to achieve it. Look at the word desire, de- (meaning from), sire (meaning father). So, in a spiritual sense, a desire comes "from the Father". When a wish pops into your head, believe that it wouldn't have popped into your head unless you had the power to achieve it. To give your wish strength, you must emotionalize it. Emotions provide the fuel to mobilize your wish. Charge it with emotions until it becomes a burning desire, something you crave.
The next stage is Intention. Once you have a burning desire, you must set a clear intention. “I intend to purchase a new house.” An intention is an anticipated outcome. It is a strong declaration. At this stage, you have fully internalized and visualized the accomplishment coming to pass.
In the courtroom, you need EVIDENCE to get a conviction. It's the same in life. In order to achieve your dreams, you must turn your "weak wishes" into "strong convictions". At this stage, you are firm in your belief. So firm that you carry forward despite what others may say to dissuade you. You'll need strong supporting evidence (past successes, examples from your own life and the lives of others, that this goal is possible to achieve). In 1954, Roger Bannister become the first person EVER to run a mile in under 4 minutes. But then, within a year, 20 more people broke the 4-minute mile barrier. The barrier wasn't physical. Like most things, it was mental. Once Bannister presented "evidence" that it could be done, others were then filled with a conviction that they could do it too. And they did.
The final stage in the evolution of a wish—leading to fulfillment—is inspiration. When you reach this stage, your wish has fully matured. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Motivation is when you grab hold of an idea and carry it through to the end. But inspiration is when an idea grabs hold of you and carries YOU through to the end.”  You must be fully inspired to make your dreams a reality.
This is where you take ownership of your “gift” and most importantly… show gratitude. You'll find the more gratitude you show, the more wishes will be fulfilled.

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