November 29, 2013

What Is "Corporate Patriotism" And Why You Need It

Corporate Patriotism

By Patrick Mahan

What Can "Corporate Patriotism" Do For Your Company?

There is a lot of talk about Company Culture these days. A strong company culture seems to be the glue that holds a company together and also the fuel that drives it forward.

What is Company Culture? I believe it is a collective emotion similar to patriotism (the love and devotion one feels toward their country).

CEO's strive to create a similar emotion within their company, where employees feel a love and devotion to each other, their customers and the mission of the company.

Those who get it right reap huge benefits. The stronger a company's culture, the more magnetic it becomes... attracting and keeping the most talented employees, attracting and keeping the best customers, attracting and keeping bigger profits.

Companies with strong cultures are inspired. Their employees are inspired to do better work, and their customers are inspired to keep coming back for more.

And another benefit ... the stronger a company's culture, the less need there is to implement strict policies, rules, organizational charts, endless meetings, and procedures.

Now, a few questions for you...

What are your thoughts on Company Culture? Which companies are getting it right? What are you doing to facilitate an inspired culture within your company? To what extent should the marketing department be involved?

And lastly, can "Corporate Patriotism" be manufactured? Or is it something that needs to occur more naturally?

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