December 19, 2012

The Perfect Subject Line for Emails

By Patrick Mahan

Every marketer is looking for the perfect email subject line to increase open rates.

Lots of How To articles have been written on the topic. Most recommend writing subject lines that invoke curiosity. Or ask a question. Or speak directly to the reader. Or announce breaking news.

One research study concluded that the most successful subject line of all-time was the phrase: "You are not alone."

But what if we take an entirely different approach?

We spend our time and energy trying to craft creative (and sometimes deceptive) subject lines in an effort to get more people to open our emails.

But here's the thing ... you should be more concerned about the NAME that appears in the "From" line and less concerned about the CONTENT that appears in the "subject" line. 

I receive newsletters from several authors that I have come to know, like and trust. When I see their name in the From Line, the Subject Line has little influence on my decision to open their email. 

So... as usual, it all comes down to building a reputation for yourself (and/or your company) as someone people know, like and trust. Develop a reputation for delivering content that is personal, timely, relevant and valuable.

When you focus your efforts on becoming someone of value, offering something of value, then you'll discover the "subject line" is the least important part of your email marketing strategy.

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  1. Another good reference for those who just started email marketing. As what I tell my colleagues who just started in this area, reading more on different blogs pertaining to this topic is a big help especially if these people have been doing it for a years now. Nevertheless, thanks for the good share!


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