December 26, 2012

Check Below the Surface

By Patrick Mahan

Last summer, I wanted to make the grass in my front yard look like a baseball field (or golf course). I tried all kinds of strategies. Aerate, overseed, water, fertilize... but the grass wasn't growing like I wanted it to.

I asked an expert and he told me the pH balance in the soil was off. It was too acidic. He said you can try all sorts of strategies and tactics, but if the underlying chemistry isn't right, then nothing will grow.

I think this is a good business analogy. If the chemistry isn't right, nothing can grow.

So dig below the surface and look at the chemistry of your team or company. Is it acidic?

You can try all sorts of "topical treatments"... bonuses, incentives, corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, new marketing campaigns, strategic planning, etc. But the real roadblock to growth and sustainability often lies below the surface.

And the solution may be changing your chemistry rather than your strategy.
"Synergy comes before strategy." - John Calipari, head coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats, 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions

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