April 4, 2012

How to Avoid Becoming a Commodity... the Starbucks Way

By Patrick Mahan

Are you afraid that your product/service is becoming a "commodity"?

Remember this... coffee was basically a commodity until Starbucks came along and turned it into an experience.

How do YOU avoid becoming a commodity?

By taking a page from the Starbucks book and creating an extraordinary, emotional experience around your product/service. An experience based on over-the-top, five-star service. An experience that engages more than just one of the senses.

(Think about how Starbucks uses sights, sounds, smells and tastes to craft a remarkable experience... and justify a $5 cup of coffee!).

Every great brand has a story. The challenge is crafting a compelling, sensory-rich story and THEN figuring out how to draw customers into it.

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