November 7, 2011

Even Millionaires Like Facebook

By Patrick Mahan

According to a report released in August 2011, nearly HALF of the millionaires in the United States are now on Facebook.

And that number has nearly DOUBLED in the past year.

Percentage of U.S. Millionaires on Facebook...

2010 = 26%
2011 = 46%

And how about the multi-millionaires?   Those with a net worth between $5M to $25M... They are flocking to Facebook as well.

2010 = 27%
2011 = 47%

But LinkedIn is where "sophisticated" people network, right?

Not quite.

According to this study, Facebook reigns supreme as the social network of choice among the wealthy.

While 46% use Facebook, only 19% of millionaires use LinkedIn and just 3% use Twitter.

Source: Spectrem eZine report, "Social Media and Affluent Households."

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