July 10, 2009

Something to Look Forward to...

By Patrick Mahan

Humans are goal-striving organisms. We were designed to set, pursue and achieve goals. And when we act in accordance to our design, good things happen!

In contrast, when a person becomes uninspired to set, pursue and achieve goals, something entirely different happens. Since they are not acting in accordance to their design, they begin to experience "problems", discomfort, unhappiness and even depression.

These issues are caused by a lack of goals. When you feel that you have nothing to look forward to, naturally, that's when depression sets in.

To overcome this, you must create a compelling future for yourself.


By finding stuff to look forward to.

Like what?

Vacations, movies, the weekend, time with friends and families, holidays, special events ... It can be anything big or small. But ultimately, it's up to you to create moments to look forward to. That's the key to feeling young, happy and fulfilled.

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away."

Have you ever noticed how often it seems that a person's health declines after retiring?


Because they have lost 4 important things:

  1. a sense of purpose
  2. something to look forward to
  3. a routine
  4. a regular sense of accomplishment
They no longer believe that they're growing. And when an organism is no longer growing, it's dying! The good news is, unlike other organisms, we have the ability to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally long after our physical bodies have stopped growing. That means we can choose to keep growing our entire lives! But you have to make that chioce. It won't happen automatically.

Now, while goal setting is a key ingredient to success, be careful not to become overly obsessed with it. If we spend all of our time trying to get somewhere else, then we can never fully enjoy and appreciate where we are.

If you’re always driving forward at 100 mph, then it’s hard to appreciate the view!

Sometimes you just need to pull over, put the car in park and enjoy the scenery.

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